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Official T.W.S.W. Press Release
September 3, 2008, 9:15 am
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In an effort to get more press for our website, and by more I mean any, we decided to send out an official press release to local and national publications. We’ve sent them to bridal magazines, tiny local newspapers and even a few newsletter organizations. Our most exciting reply so far has been from Minnesota Bride magazine, who want Blushing Bridezilla to blog for their Wisconsin Bride website (due to her native Milwaukee roots). Anyway, it’s all very exciting!

Below is a copy of the press release. Feel free to forward it along to anyone and everyone you think may even have a slight interest. Thanks loyal TWSW readers!

CONTACT: Available upon request. Please send any inquiries to thatswhatshewed at gmail dot com.

Three twenty-somethings have come together to rid the world of tacky weddings – or at least mock them within an inch of their life. These three local ladies have formed their home base at – a haven for their sardonic wit and insight into the seedy underbelly of wedding subculture.

“Right now, we’re at a time in our lives where many of our friends from high school and college are taking the plunge and marching down the aisle.  It’s like a tulle explosion.  We’re offering some friendly (and occasionally not-so-friendly) commentary on several aspects of the big day and having some fun in the meantime,” explains Seeking Plus One.  She’s the resident single girl and self proclaimed anti-romantic.

The trio offer 3 very different perspectives on the topic.  Fear of Falling Bouquets is in a long-term relationship, but in no hurry to secure a diamond of her own anytime soon. Blushing Bridezilla is engaged to her high school sweetheart and is currently in the process of planning her own wedding.  Together with Seeking Plus One, they created That’s What She Wed.

The real kicker is that both Fear of Falling Bouquets and Seeking Plus One are serving as bridesmaids for Blushing Bridezilla…who selected $300 bridesmaids dresses.  The ladies are hoping to offset their costs (without joining the bridal party nude), and have set up a donation site to reach their goal.

Until that goal is met, no gown, no bride, and no flower arrangement is safe.  For more information about That’s What She Wed, or to contact any of the women, please visit


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congrats on the guest blogging spot!

Comment by kelly

Woohoo! TWSW! Nicely written as well. Seeking Plus One, did you write that?

Comment by Abby

Maaaaaaaybe…. 🙂
-Seeking Plus One

Comment by Seeking Plus One

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