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August 31, 2008, 7:10 pm
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So, aside from being a bridesmaid in Blushing Bridezilla’s wedding, I’m also scheduled to be a bridesmaid in one of my best childhood friends’ weddings in June. So, I sent photos of the infamous $300 dress to my other friend, Tina,  showing off how beautiful it is, and trying to convince her subtly that she should use the same dress for HER bridesmaids.

The more I thought about it the more I realized that I could rationalize $300 for a bridesmaid dress if I got to wear it for 2 different weddings! So, in an effort to save myself money and recycle the same bridesmaid dress, I am going to write a list of the top 10 reasons, directed to my other bridal friend, as to why this dress would be PERFECT for her wedding too.

  1. The dress is super flattering. Seriously, it just works wonders – I’m not exaggerating. I did not want to take it off. I pretty much guarantee that if Stacy London were at the dress fitting with us, she would have started crying.
  2. The color is majorly classy! No pastels. Anyway, it’s a color that pops and would obviously photograph really well. Also it looks good with all of your bridesmaid’s skin tones.
  3. Because the  color is gorgeous and rich, it lends itself to a variety of floral/bouquet options…so you can pick anything from white roses or lilies to colorful poppies, and anything in between.
  4. I know you like the color because you have a leather purse in the exact same color. Even if you don’t use the purse anymore, I know you like the color! (this point kind of goes back to point #2 but it counts as a different point because I say so)
  5. The length of the dress! Majorly classy!
  6. The drapery of the dress is gorgeous and VERY Rami from Project Runway. In fact, you should just use these because I mentioned Project Runway and the dress in the same sentence. I think that should be enough of an argument.
  7. It’s a fancy dress but not too fancy, so it will look great and be appropriate for your outdoor summer wedding.
  8. It is more environmentally friendly because I will only have to buy one dress. Don’t you like Planet Earth? You DO know that the polar bears are dying, right!?!??!!?!
  9. It’s also more ECONOMICALLY friendly. If you were to pick a different dress that was $150, that’s about 7 full tanks of gas for my little Saturn.
  10. No one will EVER know you just recycled the dress idea that Blushing Bridezilla had. Except for like the 20 people or so who both read this blog and also will be attending your wedding. But they’ll never say anything or call you out. RIGHT, PEOPLE!? RIGHT!?!?!??!!?!

So, there you have it, Tina. ALL the reasons you should also pick this dress. It’s not ONLY to save me money. It’s also to save the polar bears.

Does anyone else have any other killer points that should be tacked on to the end of the Top 10 list!?!?

– Fear of Falling Bouquets


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wait, really?

Comment by Sea

1/2 kidding.

– Fear of Falling Bouquets

Comment by thatswhatshewed

Whatever. You are 0% kidding.

Comment by Seeking Plus One

This is in bad taste. I know its hard, but try putting the bride and her day before yourself.

Comment by No way

Lighten up, people! It’s a joke 🙂

– Fear of Falling Bouquets

Comment by thatswhatshewed

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