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Peace Offering
August 27, 2008, 8:24 am
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Wow. Lots of drama yesterday! All started by a post on The Knot.

We got BASHED for advertising our site and for politely asking for donations for our dresses. I had no idea people got so upset about OTHER people’s weddings decisions. This whole process has been quite the learning experience for all three of us. It’s been fun trying to promote the site with no money and no ninja Internet resources. So, yeah – sorry about ghettoly advertising on websites and such – we had NO idea the backlash would be so wildly disproportionately unbecoming of people.

Let’s try to make this a pleasant place where people can get inspired by the process. Let’s quit the name-calling, please. Thanks!

– Fear of Falling Bouquets


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if you didn’t advertise it all over the internet and on other blogs as a comment you may not have had the readers and thus the perfectly appropriate backlash. stupid is as stupid does

Comment by there_a_sucker_born_every_minute

What I find most intriguing is that you (and many others) have, in fact, contributed more to the girls’ cause than donating money. They said that they’re students. Advertising students to be specific. And, by posting a few comments on blogs, have attracted hundreds (if not thousands) of viewers. So continue to name-call and act immature all you like, but as long as you keep coming back, you’re supporting their cause. Good work. Perhaps you should reevaluate your definition of “stupid”.

To the ladies of That’s What She Wed, I admire your ingenuity and call for better manners. It’s really a shame that so many fall short.

Comment by Incidentally, they're brilliant

If they’re advertising students, you’d think they could come up with a ploy that didn’t seem so desperate.

Comment by Nichole

I appreciate your peace offering. No need for all the name calling and negativity. I like your site. It is funny and creative. Nice work!

Comment by been there

Wow. I never understand why people get so riled up about this sort of stuff! I am a psychology student so I know the answer to that question is because the computer gives us all a sense of anonymity…it is just silly to get into name calling and such — ESPECIALLY if you think it’s a bad idea. If you don’t dig there site, then just don’t check it. Save yourself the stress! Stress is the leading cause of heart disease this days!! But, then again, as ad majors I have a feeling this little incident helped them out more than it hurt them!

Comment by Really?

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