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People aren’t excited for us at The Knot
August 26, 2008, 7:20 pm
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So, apparently our idea has ignited a spark of controversy on The Knot. They think asking people to donate to our Bridesmaid Dress Fund is tacky – we disagree but hey, we’re biased. Check out the crazy stuff these people have been saying!


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What are these bitches so upset about? This site is so cute. What a creative way of thinking. If only more people thought this way!! Way to go ladies!

Comment by iheartprague

Some of those girls have nothing better to do than rip on other people in order to build up their own self esteem, it’s really pathetic.

Comment by thatchickisfugly

Wow, I can’t believe how nasty these women got! Just because they had their bridesmaids get cheap dresses (hello!-$35 at Target???) doesn’t mean they should badmouth someone who is planning a nice wedding. Talk about tacky. It is pretty tacky to make comments like they did. PMS much?

Comment by Been There

Well, take a look at the photos they posted. This group of women aren’t exactly Heidi Klum. They should spend a little less time being nasty and a little more time on their own look. Nina hates it!

Comment by Thats alot of look

maybe it’s because you’re a dummy….

Comment by suckers_are_born_every_minute

Honey, I would watch yourself before calling someone ugly. The video with the leopard bridesmaids’ dress? Scared the crap out of me when I saw your ugly face!

Oh, and your “site” wouldn’t even be up for comments if you hadn’t flooded the knot with promoting yourself. Is that you troll for sex too?

Comment by You're Pretty Ugly Yourself

I think it’s extremely tacky of you to post a picture of SOMEONE ELSE in your blog. take the picture of BGB down please.

Comment by Jessys_Girl

Well girls, you have learned the hard way as many others have that The Knot sucks, and is filled with bitter bitter bitches. The majority are vicious and petty. There are a few cool ones here and there, but it really takes too long weeding out the bigmouth judgmental tiwts to find them. Everytime I go on there looking for wedding ideas, I end up wanting to slap someone. It’s funny how big people’s balls get when they are behind a computer screen.

Comment by Sherrie

Ha. No kidding, Sherrie. Thanks for the sympathy.

– Fear of Falling Bouquets

Comment by thatswhatshewed

No problem chicky. Ignore them, they are just a bunch of haters, and they love the drama. I love your quote “this is so not the knot.” I literally lol. Props to you for starting your own thing and having original ideas despite the Stepford brides think. HA!!! I’m gonna have to use that one more often!!! They are just jealous they couldn’t ever get away with it, because they all care to much about what everyone else thinks of them. OOOH, the horror of being (gasp) “TACKY!”

Comment by Sherrie

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