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August 19, 2008, 3:38 pm
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Hi all you loyal That’s What She Wed Followers!

We just set up an account with Paypal and ChipIn so that any of our loyal readers can contribute moolah to our Bridesmaid Dress Fund! We’re hoping to raise $600 by September 18 and ANY amount of money you can donate would be crazy, crazy helpful!!

So if you’re feeling generous, CLICK HERE!


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This is like totally Cool dude.


Comment by Jesse Sumpter

and I want to contribute the this fund why??? I think this blog should be renamed “thats what we call tacky”.

Comment by Huh?

What’s the problem here, really? It’s a blog. There’s no advertising, they don’t ask for any personal information, and the stuff they come up with is funny and lighthearted. I’m missing why anyone would think this is tacky. If you’re not into the vibe here, it’s really easy to NOT donate.

Comment by kendallmarie

it is tacky to ask people to pay for a wedding dress. If it’s out of your means, then buy something similar that is affordable. Do your homework and take a more DIY approach. But asking people to donate is pathetic and sad.

BTW — the only reason I checked out this blog was because they shamelessly tried to promote themselves on Style Me Pretty by jumping on another designers featured work. If you are going to ADVERTISE like that, then you gotta roll with the punches.

Comment by Huh?

well, we are ADVERTISING students 🙂

Comment by thatswhatshewed

I think it’s creative and an interesting way to raise money. I donated a $1, which is nothing to me, but will mean a lot to the bride I bet. What’s sad and pathetic is the society we live in where girls are forced to sacrifice their wedding because they don’t have money for it.

My friend just got married who had no money and saved by making her own centerpieces and having people hum “here comes the bride” instead of paying for musicians. It was really sweet and she was able to buy the dress of her dreams by cutting corners elsewhere. I think this site is a creative way of raising money because clearly it takes a lot of personal time and effort to keep a blog up to date.

To each their own, I suppose…

Comment by Sully

just proof that suckers are born every minute — get a thousand suckers and you’ve got a thousand dollars

Comment by suckers_are_born_every_minute

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