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Fuzzy Math
August 5, 2008, 10:56 am
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This is me trying to figure out just how much Blushing Bridezilla’s wedding is gonna cost me…and let me tell you, it aint pretty. Any ideas on how I can tighten up this ridic budget, without sacrificing Weight Watchers or a pretty new handbag?

– Fear of Falling Bouquets


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How about sharing the rental car and hotel room with one or two of the other bridesmaids?

Comment by Been There

You could stay at not a Hampton…depending on where you’re going, $200 a night for a hotel sounds a teensy bit excessive.

Rental cars for 3 days aren’t $300…again, depending on the company/location/etc, I got one for 3 days for around $60, if I remember correctly…and I was under 25 at the time.

Gifts don’t have to be expensive either. My mom had the brilliant idea of giving couples Christmas ornaments. Think about it…they’ll have all the blenders they could ever ever want, but no one thinks about Christmas. Buy a few cute, unique ones and a) you’ll have a gift that no one else will give, b) they’ll actually USE your gift, and c) it’ll actually mean something.

Instead of WW, try just running outside and joining SparkPeople. Free diet plans. If you can stick to WW, you can stick to something free.

I agree with the sharing expenses. Why not? Slumber party road trip! On that note, find someone your size and share the dress as well. You can take turns…one wears it down the aisle, the other wears it at the reception! This works for a couple reasons: 1) think of the attention your veil-with-tentacles-thing will get when you prance down the aisle in the buff (and stand to the side of the bride). 2) it’s clearly cheaper (find more bridesmaids your size, create a time table, and voila! Sisterhood of the traveling dress!) 3) knowing you’ll be nekkid on bride day will keep you way more strict about your diet.
I say you should all have your own shoes though.

Comment by Dodging the Bullet

You could save $300 just be adding correctly. Since you’ll be on a diet you’ll have an empty stomach and you won’t need all that Immodium – $200 sounds a little steep for incidentals. Forget the coffee, bring a bottle of tap water and spend the time waiting for the plane by writing your Mom. She’ll appreciate your prose and postage is still under fifty cents. Take some of the money you saved and frame that “veil-with-tentacles-thing” – it’s priceless and should become a family heirloom.

Comment by auntie R

Don’t forget to add in the bridal shower and bachelorette party gifts and the expenses that go along with that plus enough money to get loaded to forget about how much money this will all cost 🙂

Comment by Maid of Honor

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