That’s What She Wed

I’m not sure if this is hilarious or offensive
July 29, 2008, 2:08 pm
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Everyone’s favorite lackey, Pedro, shows up as Sierra Mist’s spokesnerd (man just seemed like too much of an overstatement) with an interesting tale.  Ok, so first of all, as an independent single girl, I’m inclined to be irritated by the fact that everyone views the single chick as DYING to get married and incomplete without a significant other/fiancee/spouse.  Personally, I enjoy being single.  It means I can do whatever the hell I want with my time, shamelessly flirt with cute waiters/bartenders/random strangers with no repercussions, never have to babysit a drunk boyfriend, get to spend all my money on myself (or my friends), and thousands of other things.  Not to say I’m anti-relationship, but the thought of marriage at this point in my life makes me completely nauseous.

Ok.  So, feminism aside, seeing a chick kick some ass is rarely a bad thing.  Admittedly, I’d rather seeing her beat down a few of the creepy guys that seem to be a wedding staple, but that’s another video.

-Seeking Plus One

Found via Adgabber.


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Awesome! And at first I thought it was going to be some anti-wedding brawl. Refreshing.

Comment by Gigi

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